The Navigators

The Navigators brand development

The Navigators

Eagle Lake Camps

Designer, Director

Scope of work:
Visual identity system
Landing pages
Visual language: iconography, infographics, video (website background)
Responsive website design
Brand standards
Print collateral

Being human speaks to the stories we are all made of, that the world connects with. My work focused on supporting different organizational groups within The Navigators, creating platforms to champion their work, while addressing their strategic needs.

This entailed educating them on best practice for brand voice, event marketing, and corporate identity development and ongoing brand management. We created avenues for their stories of impact to be heard in relevant and engaging ways—through websites, blogs, video, landing pages, etc.

Serving a variety of needs, I worked to create websites, provided design direction for landing pages, print collateral, and art direction for video, identity development, and graphic standards.


The overall result was to equip The Navigators with a system of tools designed to work as a springboard for their service work to be more effective and impactful—while being more approachable and human.