Tucson Gem & Mineral Society

Tucson Gem & Mineral Society rebrand

Tucson Gem & Mineral Society


Designer, Director

Austin Baum

Scope of work:
Visual identity system
Research and interviews
Visual language: custom team member photography, service imagery, iconography, infographics, video
Responsive website design
Brand standards

Over the past five years, my work with the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society has been far-reaching. The initial rebranding efforts included updating their visual identity, developing powerful messaging, and featuring their vibrant community of members.

This included commissioned photography showcasing society members and conducting interviews for profiles to be featured on their website. Members were photographed in their natural habitats (their homes) to create a personalized face for the organization historically known for rocks and minerals. I worked to build their membership and public awareness for all the various community education initiatives they are engaged in and build awareness of the Society beyond the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

Their values — explore, discover, share — are at the heart of what drives the Society and its educational initiatives in the community of Tucson.

Accompanying the photographic campaign we updated their website utilizing modern web technologies that allowed internal teams to easily maintain and update content, streamlining their online membership process.