Caring Ministries


Changing the food rescue game

From a heartfelt desire to support and give back—Caring Ministries was founded over 30 years ago to transform communities, one food rescue at a time. With the potential to change some of the poorest neighborhoods, we were asked to envision a modern brand and voice for a storied community partner. 

We arrived at the bold notion that caring deeply for others combined with courage and hard work can change lives. To date, they’ve experienced great visibility with key community partners such as the Community Foodbank of Southern Arizona and Senator Grijalva, who made an onsite visit championing the hopeful work of this dedicated organization.


Creative Director / Designer

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For their visual identity, we incorporated all the best elements of the original thematic concepts of “hope” and “care” with a modern edge.


Developing the communication strategy, we conducted interviews and performed research to understand more. Themes emerged as we familiarized ourselves with their work and what made them tick.

In the grand scheme of things our part was small, doing the brand strategy, brand design, and digital design but the impact in Southern Arizona has been great.