Transforming auto care, one customer at a time

While OOROO Auto might not be the first to the mobile mechanic market, they are the ones perfecting the art of mobile auto care, anywhere. The brand design, digital design, and messaging all centered around the idea that auto care needs to be done with heart, that’s reliable, by those you can trust. These values transformed the company, with it baked into their motto, “Happy Car. Happy Life.” To date, OOROO Auto has been awarded over 10 individual awards for innovation and has a steadily growing client list.


Creative Director / Designer

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We created a design system for all of their external-facing collateral, crafted with a brand voice that is distinctly OOROO Auto—fun, personable and knowledgeable.


Their customer journey became the roadmap to success. We created automated email communications for every step of the adoption cycle to foster brand loyalty over time.

The UX for the OOROO Auto iOS app centered around the customer dashboard allowing the user to create appointments, approve estimates, and, once work is complete, contactless payment.


We captured a series of images to demonstrate the process a new customer can expect to have with OOROO Auto if they were to service their vehicle while at work or home.

With the onset of COVID, OOROO Auto has gone fully contactless. We created a digital introduction to help broker new corporate client relationships by giving an overview of their mobile service offerings.

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