Pima Foundation


Building into the future

With the organizational heartbeat to advocate transformational investment, leadership at Pima Foundation needed our help in charting a new future. For over 40 years, the Pima Community College Foundation has supported Pima Community College. Its communication strategy, visual identity system, and digital design became the groundwork we laid to build what was next for this storied community partner. While the launch was delayed by a global pandemic, the Foundation has begun to see fruit of a well tended brand, engaging new donors to keep Tucson thriving.


Creative Director / Designer

pimafoundation.org F


We led leadership and board of directors through a series of workshops to give definition to their brand pillars: Purpose, Vision, and Mission.

Applied Messaging
Updated brandmark

With brand pillars in place, we developed their visual identity that would mirror the College yet be distinctly different and provided tools to flourish.


We activated their digital presence and created a corporate overview brochure that can be shared with new donors, introducing them to the hopeful work of the Pima Foundation.

Corporate Overview Brochure F

To connect with our core audiences, we created culturally relevant content that aligned directly to key narratives demonstrating Pima Foundation’s commitment to keep Tucson thriving.

Sew a Mask, Build Community F