Tucson Gem & Mineral Society


Giving a face to Society

Few knew about this ‘secret’ Society of rock hounds. If you appreciate gems and minerals and have ever ventured to the world famous Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, then you have encountered this quiet and dedicated group of gem and mineral enthusiasts. For more than 70 years the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society have been the driving force behind the Show and so much more. 

We were asked to create a personalized face for the organization, historically known for rocks and minerals, to build pathways for new memberships. The Society supports scientific excellence, educational opportunities of all levels, and scholarships for the next generation of mineralogists. Our brand design, and digital design were the bedrock to build their future success.


Creative Director / Designer / Photographer


We worked with leadership to clarify their values — explore, discover, share. They are the heartbeat that drive the Society and its educational initiatives in the community.

Accompanying the photographic campaign, we updated their website utilizing modern web technologies that allowed internal teams to easily maintain and update content, streamlining their online membership process.

Society members in their natural habitats

We created a simple brand guide to provide clear instruction on how the brand should be implemented across various mediums and created a shared resource online for all venders and sponsors to resource the branded materials.